Exploring London & Its’ Food

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So the sun finally came out and the boy decided it would be a perfect day to visit Kew Gardens. Its huge beautiful and one of the most peaceful places to visit in London. Thankfully they had a pumpkin display, which fueled my excitement for all things pumpkin.




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Now I love Japanese food more than any other food, so when an opportunity arises to eat sushi I jump at it. I over researched Londons’ best sushi restaurants and close to Kew Gardens, I found a restaurant called Atari-ya across from the Ealing Common station. Now I have heard of Atari-ya as an awesome Japanese grocery and pre made food store, but the restaurant was even better. The best mackerel I have ever had and the menu focused on sushi so quality was amazing.


phone: 020 8896 3175


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My absolute favorite restaurant of the moment is Hutong. Its in The Shard on the 33rd floor, well priced, beautiful views and the most similar to five star New York service I am used to. Besides that, they have SOUP DUMPLINGS aka xiao long bao, which I have been looking for in London for months. They were so good, my friend and I ordered 5 orders between us. Besides that all of the dim sum was delicious and we were completely stuffed with a 99 pound bill.